• Jennifer Samuelson

4 Simple Case Studies -> Linkedin / Email Lead Generation, Consultations & Services

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Here are four simple case studies from clients that needed our help:


Chris came to us seeking new business opportunities in Hong Kong. We met and discussed his personalized tea business. We agreed on setting up a Linkedin and Email campaign to strategically find high-end hotels to present his personalized offering. Week by week, we found leads, built messages and contacted potential hotels. The end results were 4 immediate opportunities and 4 future opportunities for his business. We have since expanded his offering to London to obtain more meetings with high-end hotels and cafes. Here is what he had to say:


William originally came to us because he was struggling with his outbound email campaign for his data company, Ficstar. We met and agreed that I would take a look to see what was happening with his email. After a consultation and review of his systems, we implemented an immediate action report for him to improve. Clients issues vary, but for William, he was missing a few vital things for his outbound campaign. He hired us to make the suggested improvements and increase his outbound volume. After the changes, he was booking meetings every week with new clients.


Nick came to us for a consultation for Yetpulse. He could not seem to figure out what was happening with his outbound email campaigns. Unlike William, Nick just wanted an in-depth analysis of his outbound processes. It turns out he had some major leaks in his strategy. We quickly developed an action step report for him to improve his campaigns and prevent costly mistakes with his data & templates!


Akshat approached us for a short consultation call. Akshat is an outbound marketer doing similar work as Appointment Accelerator. However, he was struggling to obtain local leads with his strategy. After an in-depth conversation, we provided Akshat with action steps to improve and scale his outreach process. Here is what he had to say:

Regardless of your budget, if you are struggling to consistently and predictably obtain more B2B meetings from your outbound campaign, we certain we can help either with a paid consultation or from hiring us to serve you! Contact us today: info@appointmentaccelerator.com or Book a Free 15-Min Call

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